Break Through The Limit – Captain Space

Sometimes adults will admit that they enjoy YA fiction, and admit it in a sheepish, almost apologetic tone. They make me feel smug, because I read material that I could truly be embarrassed about – Dragonball Z fan fiction! I originally got into it because of all the stories I was familiar with, Dragonball Z has the most fan fiction. (And logically, the most good fan fiction). Also, I just like the characters better than the ones in Harry Potter.

If you haven’t encountered this franchise before, think of it as a combination of Monkey Magic and the worst excesses of Silver Age Superman. The main themes are redemption and escalation, since the most interesting characters are former villains and each baddie is more mindbogglingly powerful than the one before.

The premise of Break Through The Limit is that Goku’s antagonistic brother Raditz takes Piccolo’s place as an ally. (This would be like if General Zod joined the Justice League.) Captain Space takes the reader through an alternate Dragonball Z story, through familiar but different encounters with monsters like Frieza and Buu. The story shines the brightest when it veers completely off-canon, my favourite example being the bit where Gohan borrows a rocket for a journey of discovery. The last third is vaguely inspired by the infamous Dragonball GT, with influences from the Sandman and Marvel universe.

What really commands respect is how Captain Space interacts with audience. Each chapter ends with an italicised Q and A section, drawn from questions in the reviews. The author also wrote to a regular schedule, eventually making it to 843,017 words. While there are Dragonball Z fanfics I like better, I can’t help be impressed by the dedication and endurance it takes to achieve something like this.

I’d only recommend this to you if you already approved of Dragonball Z, but if you do read this, know that you can turn it into an ebook using this service.


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