Move Pitch: Year Of The Mouse

Pinky (Zach Braff) and Brain (Kelsey Grammar) are two laboratory mice who attempt world domination on a nightly basis. When Brain is given internet access as part of an experiment, he hacks into a CIA database and blackmails the US government into organising a meeting between the president (Nicholas Cage) and the rodent duo. Brain further increases his control of the situation by having Pinky run up the President’s pant leg.

The bulk of the film takes place fifteen years later, on a mouse-dominated Earth. Humans provide green power by running in gigantic hamster wheels and the world economy operates on the cheese standard. Our protagonist is Elmira (Halle Berry), an eradicator who hunts mice with mousetrap nunchucks. The film ends with her rescuing the American president and killing a Brain double, only to learn that the real Brain is standing behind her holding her father’s severed head.

The main special effect is that Zach and Braff are wearing felt mouse-suits and acting on giant sets. Everything else is terrible CGI. This film could plausibly be set in the same continuity as Halle Berry’s Catwoman film, and the theme of rodent dominance makes for an easy Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy reference.


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