Movie Pitch: Squiggle

Mr Squiggle (Benedict Cumberbatch) is the last survivor of an alien planet. His escape-pod crashes into Melbourne where it is mistaken for public art, and he takes a job as an art teacher at the local secondary school. He shares a Carlton flat with an impatient blackboard voiced by Bob Franklin.

After Squiggle is framed for a series of artistic murders, he must delve deep into the Melbourne underbelly to find the real killer. Perhaps inevitably, he ends up working in a dubious tattoo parlor. While tattooing the image of Grumpy Cat on a teenager’s back, Squigle overhears a comment from an inebriated Office Works manager (Noni Hazelhurst) which gives him the contact details of the one person who can help him. Online communication results in the benefactor emailing Squiggle several incomplete line drawings. Only by filling in these gaps can Squiggle find the true killer, exonerate himself and protect his secret identity.

The killer turns out to be a frustrated artist called Humpty (Barry Humphries.) He could have some Batmanesque rationale about how life and death are the only fitting topic for a true artist, and the later is woefully neglected. There should also be a joke about Humpty being the second evilest failed artist in history. The benefactor turns out to be the last host of Art Attack, who Humpty has been keeping captive as an artistic consultant, allowing him an internet connection so that he could steal ideas from DeviantArt. All music by Nick Cave and the Birthday Party.


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