Movie Pitch: Chit Gets Real

A gritty modern-day reboot of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Chit Gets Real tells the story of Caractacus Potts (Vin Diesel), an eccentric weapons developer who is betrayed by the American government. His vengeance takes the form of a forty-cylinder nuclear army hovertank with boat, submarine, helicopter and even experimental space-shuttle modes. The folding machine guns, laser beams, net-guns, crossbows, smart explosives, and incontinent nanobot swarms don’t get in the way either.

After Potts heroically restores a democratically elected South-American government that had previously been toppled by the CIA, the Foreign Secretary (Leonado Dicaprio) has Potts’ children stolen by Agent Childcatcher (Madonna). Childcatcher sells the Potts children to become child soldiers in Africa. Now Caractacus Potts must rescue his children, expose his government, sing every song from the original film and find a petrol station with enough gas to fill his magical car.

The film ends when Potts must choose between the safety of his car and the needs of his children. The soundtrack will include the Cars’ Drive, Queen’s I’m In Love With My Car, Gary Numan’s Cars and the Beatles’ Drive My Car. Searching for the word ‘Cars’ within your iTunes, and you will likely find more options.

Should Chit Gets Real become a significant success, possible sequel titles include Chit Hits The Fan, Chit-Chit Bang-Bang and Chit Vs. Kitt.


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